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Livingston Lending takes customer service to the next level and strives to create the possibilities that await your most ideal life.

Michigan Mortgage
Michigan Mortgage

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Community and Our Local Footprint

We are a local business out of Brighton, Michigan. But we also enjoy traveling as much as our clients do! Whether you are a Pure Michigander, a Hawaiian riding the waves, or a Floridian, we have your back and can provide stress-free loans that reflect your lifestyle and future dreams.

Bigger dreams, better loans, and great people!

We value our client relationships

It’s not about the loan as much as it’s about the lender you work with


Our mission is to create a relationship with our clients that reflects the success, integrity, and hard-working ambition we have for ourselves. We do this because we are great at it! We do this for our families and their well-being. But most of all, we do this because of the joy it brings us to be able to support so many people with their lifestyle goals, projects, and financial investments in our favorite communities here in Michigan and beyond. When you decide to buy a home or refinance a mortgage, it’s a big step. We provide the tools and good people who will guide your custom loan that fits your needs with less paperwork and more personal attention. You are not just another application to fill out online for us. You know what you want, let’s get it!

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